VGCt Najaarscongres 2017

Keynotelezing Donald Baucom

The Use of Couple-based Interventions to Treat Adult Psychopathology: Empirical Findings and Future Directions

Cognitive-behavioral treatment (CBT) principles have proven to be highly efficacious for treating a variety of adult disorders. Yet some individuals respond at less than optimal levels, and others relapse following treatment. Therefore, it is important to build upon current principles to strengthen clinical interventions even further. 

One potential way to increase treatment effectiveness is to recognize that these “individual disorders” exist in a social context, and interpersonal relationships have the potential to significantly influence the course of the disorder and treatment. The current presentation will provide the theoretical and clinical basis, along with the empirical status regarding how to use couple-based interventions to treat adult psychopathology, at times accompanied by relationship distress.

Deze lezing is in het Engels.


VGCt najaarscongres
8, 9 en 10 november

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